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OMFG.... Raita... with OGATA!!
*oh em gee* Katsura
Okay so I've been obsessively following the Raita-sama (AKA, "Akuma ni Kiss wo") updates and I forgot to mention how my brain exploded into bliss when this news came out a couple weeks ago...

It's confirmed...

RAITA WILL INDEED BE PAIRED UP WITH OGATAAAA (our adorable hairdresser and Shou-chan's assistant at his salon)!!!!!! BS's recent tumblr post featured a few pages of the actual first chapter and OMFG YES PLEASE. And Ogata-kun, what a lovely surprise, turns out you are one sexy little man unchibified.

Nearly hemorrhaged to death and broke my lungs shouting about it with the flapping and all (it was a pathetic sight) but all this to say, I CAN NOW DIE A HAPPY FUJOSHI.

I apologize if none of this makes any fucking sense. I'm just too elated right now.

Raita-sama, just who will steal that cold and alien heart of yours?
*no words* Norio
So... possible spoiler content for the Akuma ni Kiss wo prologue.

Just skimmed over Akuma ni Kiss wo prologue chapter and um... UM. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I was dying to know who Raita-sama would end up with and I'm not quite sure I'm liking what/who it's hinting at?

The very first time Rai-chan was introduced in the Akuma series, I was so intrigued by his cold aloofness but gentle nature toward Hisashi. I loved that he was the incomprehensible one, the one that no one gets and I really really wanted him to be bottom because he was just so cool and I simply just craved for an uke like him (what a rarity!). However, I easily changed my mind when we got that little extra from Akuma wa Hohoemu with Ogata's POV of the three Naruse brothers. It was so hilarious and squee-worthy that I took that to be a major HINT and I was SUPER happy. I was starting to really get into that pairing in the hopes that sensei was herding us that way, just like with Shou-chan and Hisashi.

But now I don't know anymore after reading the prologue . I mean, this one's in the POV of Raita's chief secretary and siiiiiiiiiigh. It just burst my Raita x Ogata bubble and I can't help but sulk. Worse yet, if sensei's hinting that this new dude is Raita's soul mate, well I just don't think I can be excited. BUT. That said, IF this means that Raita is bottom then I'm all for it. In the end, I can't help feeling just a little okay a lot disappointed that Raita won't be with Ogata...


OMG NFW.... R...(pant)...R-..Raita (pant)... gets his own sto...RYYY... RAITAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
*Fresh Prince* Say wuuuut?
I need to calm the fuck down, yeah.

But it's hard to when this wonderful most wonderful tumblr post nearly knocked my teeth out (I am sadly so sadly not kidding when I say my teeth chattered so hard I seriously chipped one or two, caught me off guard), facepain.

Do we all remember Kawaii Akuma? The Famed Naruse Brothers? Fuuta, The Arrogant, Shouta, The Pervert and Raita, The Incomprehensible? We had Fuuta & Akiyoshi-kun, Shou-chan & Hisashi (my darlings), right? Remember how I lamented that the wonderful, cold & eccentric Raita didn't have his own mate, story, thing..y? That the stunningly gorgeous but utterly "incomprehensible" one (according to Ogata, hairdresser and Shou-chan's assistant extraordinaire said, that he was the only brother that he "reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally really doesn't understand" because it was like encountering an alien) appeared to be the most mysterious of them all with colleagues who willingly call him "master" and act like his servants (hahaha)?

...Well... he's got his own... mate, story, thing-y now....!!! And please could it be OGATA?!

...Excuse me while I go convulse in the corner for a while.

"Attack on Titan".... I wish this weren't a rant but...
*fuck this shit*
It is.

I'm very sorry to those who love this series, trust me, I tried. As a reader, I tried to look at it from various angles but my frustrations won out and I can no longer lie to myself, I hate it, and not because it's gory or hopeless but I don't even know where to unravel this tangled mess of an excuse for plot. It's all over the place. It's like the author had a vague idea what he wanted and just ran with it (wouldn't be surprised if that were actually the case).

I hope someone can make me see some good points because to be honest, I don't see how this has such a high rating on mangaupdates...

ETA: I've come to *not* hate it as much as I once had but I still think it's messy and not as well strung together as it could be. But the more I read, the less I'm filled with frustration for this series, however, my not-so-kind side thinks it's only because the author started knowing where he was going with this the more he continued it, but then again, I reckon I'm being needlessly cruel... butijustcan'thelpit, OTZ...

A new work from Matsuo Marta? (be still my heart)
*oh em gee* Katsura
Yeah er...

Seriously. Because any true fujoshi will appreciate the unique-ness that is "Lies are a Gentleman's Manners" or the genius that is Matsuo-sensei, if not madly chokingly painfully flail/squee over them both until oxygen runs low and we are gasping our last, imagine my utter shockgasm when I see that Pupette-chan over at NAN has just shared a brand NEW work of hers... in Japanese...


[Spoiler (click to open)]lost_and_found


I'm sure if kokiden is to ever read this, she'd damn well understand my current short-circuiting (where are ya babe?!).

So, cheers, to the BL deities for bringing me this heavenly gift. Now, when I have more than half a brain cell doing its work, I will come back to write my thoughts on it! Or a summary, or something.

I WANT THIS! Yasashii Hoshi (MOMOKA) [優しい星] それ欲しい!!
I just...

Want this. So much. I've read the preview on amazon.co.jp and this has got to be one of the cutest premises. EVER.
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A hikikomori seme and a bright strong uke to soothe his fears, make him change for the better, slowly slowly, until every fear explodes into colorful bursts of sparkles and faerie dust! Ah, is there any better way to overcome your agoraphobia and general reclusion? Nope. BL. Nope (cough).

Been wanting to read more Momoka stuff for some time, remember loving "Haru no Yuki" but this one, I feel is gonna be the thing that makes me really fall for the artist, that one work that changes the parameters of my obsession.

And yet again...
*uhh yeah* YonexShiro
Okay um so,

once again I'm leaving for Mumbai in a couple hours... Again;;
I've not even finished packing so will be MIA until early February. Hope everyone has a wonderful end of year!

My infatuation with Nojifumi!
*drool* Homer



Yeah, currently letting my lungs recover from all the screaming, yelling, hooting and howling and heavy greasy panting from, AUGH, listening to the first track of Iberiko Buta (IT HAS A BLCD YESOMG) and if it wasn't bad enough that Nojifumi was in there, imagine my poor heart at him playing a long-awaited seme role (FINALLY!!!).

If his voice was a character, he'd be a gorgeous, smooth, sexy, blase, aloof lanky hunk with a deadsexy pokerface. Listening to him for first time in Yamashita Tomoko-sensei's drama CD adaptations of her works, I find no one makes sensei's aloof semes come to life more than Nojifumi and the characters I find he plays best (though he plays them all so amazingly, and yes, his ukes are dead hot too) are his aloof semes. I just can't get enough of that youthful arrogance in his suave tone, just...


*Fresh Prince* Say wuuuut?
I have been ADDICTED to Misfits (gulped the first 2 seasons like gin). It was Brilliant. At first. Then season 3 came along and vomited all over the badassery of the first 2 seasons and the overall amazingness of the show.

I just don't understand how you can ruin a perfectly excellent series by introducing a stupidly boring, bull-faced, shitty and profoundly uncharismatic Emerdale-hasbeen who looks like a 35-year-old fart trying to act like a teen delinquent, oh wait, I can, by doing just that.

Still astounded by the people who thought it was a good idea to feed us this "snatch gunk" and think we'd like it. *fumes*

Dounimo Nannai Soushi Souai by YAMADA Papiko & Tenshi x Akuma by IKEDA Souko
Let there be gay! Code Geass Lelouch
To anyone who sees this,

I'm looking for the amazingly talented YAMADA Papiko's (known under the Oshinobee circle for all you Gintama fans) Dounimo Nannai Soushi Souai. I'll take it in any language that it's available in!

And here I have...
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